Arizona International Academy
Arizona International Academy
Academic Excellence, character development, and community awareness in an environment committed to Christian service.


We believe that a personal relationship with God is the single most important part of our educational process. Through Christian Service and sharing the Good News at home and around the world, we can develop a well rounded individual. 

AIA believes that learning must be an active adventure, integrating the spiritual, mental, physical, cultural, and social aspects of life into our school curriculum.
Studies prove parents are the primary teachers in a child's life. We encourage our students' parents to take a supporting role, by helping define goals and expectatios within the learning process that takes place in our classrooms, 
Every nine weeks, the parents, student and teachers meet to preview the fundamental goals and objectives for the semester. At these meetings, parents and teachers will discuss the goals and expectations of their student for the following semester. Modifications can be made to the nine week curriculum to meet the needs of the individual student. Some students will need more structire and challenges in their daily program, while others may require less. 
The flexibility of the AIA learning environment encourages the freedom of individual thought, yet, at the same time, requires students to take responsibility for their own actions. 
The 4th-8th grade students are required to read 150 pages per week in addition to classroom assignments.
Placement is determined and a course is set for maximum exposure to foundational skills. Tutors are provided for those who excel or need assistance. Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry are taught for our advanced students. 
Mastery of grammar and vocabulary, as well as learning handwritnig skills are emphasized. Analytical, critical thinking skills, and creative writing are integrated into all subject areas. 
Social Studies
Physical Education
Chemistry, Physiology, Physics and Earth Sciences are among the areas of study requiring one or more projects individually and as groups. 
Special focus is placed on cross-cultural, political, economic and religious practices of the international communities. A highlight of our year is study of and travel to one or more foreign countries each year.
Active participation in P.E. is required. Running, various cardio exercuises, stretching and various sports are among the physical activities our students participate in. Nearby Cactus Aquatic Park is our primary facility for swimming during early Fall and late Spring.
Spanish language study at AIA emphasizes conversational skills as well as grammatical accuracy. 
The Bible is our class textbook. Emphasis is on developing loving Christian characters through the principles and values found in the Bible. We practice those values in school and apply them in active community outreach and service. 
The school's garden is a practical study in God's creation. All students take part in the garden experience. Preparing the soil, planting, cultivating, and harvesting their produce offers hands-on education in this area. 
Fine Arts
Emphasis is placed on proper typing skills and utilizing word processors and presentation software. Students also learn about internet safety, equipment care, and various online programs and tools. 
Art and Choir are required courses. We participate in the annual Phoenix Symphony for the Schools Concert program. Drama and Band are also offered, and performances are at the discretion of the directors. All musical instruments are welcome. 
Students are tested twice a year using both Stanford and Iowa Basic tests. 

Activities & Programs

The Firebrd and AIA Informer

Students express themselves in a literary environment by using their creative writing and photography skills. 


  • Art Program
  • Drama Club
  • Choir and Band
  • Active Internet Education
  • School Garden
  • Chess

Physical Education and Sports

  • Year-round swimming
  • Inter-league Team Sports
  • 5-K and 10-K runs

Christian Outreach

  • Weekly outreach programs
  • Food program for the needy
  • Senior Citizen Partner Program
  • Weekly Chapel