Arizona International Academy
Arizona International Academy
Academic Excellence, character development, and community awareness in an environment committed to Christian service.
!School is Fun
At AIA, we emphasize active learning in and out of the classroom. With a high teacher to student ratio, our students recieve one-on-one interaction, which helps them to succeed and surpass their grade level in many subjects. Our teachers value engaging modalities for learning, and incorporate various techniques to help students grasp important concepts. Students at AIA learn essential life skills and apply them in various ways, growing spiritually and academically, preparing them to overcome every challenge the future holds. 
International Studies
Past Trips

Past trips include Italy, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Ireland, Russia, Spain, and more!
The World Classroom
Our international study trips give students opportunities to become part of the "world classroom". They witness first-hand, contemporary thriving communities, and also those that are especially impoverished. We teach and foster each individual towards a path of fellowship, brotherhood, and responsibility for humanity.